PokerStars download and account activation

This guide consisting of three articles will help you to start playing poker at PokerStars, the biggest poker room on the internet. It will walk you through the process of downloading PokerStars' software; of opening a free PokerStars account and ultimately of opening a real money account and becoming a PokerStar yourself.

Why play poker at PokerStars?

Just a few lines about why playing poker at PokerStars would be a good decision. If you already have done a fair bit of 'best online poker room' research, then go ahead and skip this part. If you are still in doubt whether or not PokerStars would be a good online poker room for you to play at then maybe the following list can take some of these doubts away:

Still not sure? Maybe reading the PokerStars review can do something about that.

PokerStars download

The only way to open an account at PokerStars is to first download the PokerStars software. To do so you have to visit their website:

On the PokerStars website you will find a button that either says 'Download', Play Poker 'click here' or something similar. If you click on any of those buttons you will be asked to run or save the file. Both options are fine. If you save the file, then open it as soon as the download is complete. It is called 'PokerStarsInstall.exe'. If you run the file, it will be opened automatically once the download is complete.

There's not much to explain about the setup wizard really. Choose your preferred language, agree with the license agreement (of course you read every letter of it before you do so ;-)) and choose express install or, if you would like to choose another location to install the software on your hard drive, custom install. Click install, wait a moment and click 'finish' with the 'Launch PokerStars' box checked.

Close the ad that pops up and you will see the lobby of PokerStars: onto the next step!

Opening a PokerStars account

To open a free PokerStars account that doesn't require you to deposit any money simply follow these steps:

In the lobby from the menu at the top click 'Account' and then 'Create account…'.

PokerStars download and account activation

In the screen that pops up you have to fill in your User ID and a password. Some tips:

After you have chosen a nickname and a strong password you can go on to the next screen where you have to fill in your details. You'll see that some fields are optional, but if you plan on playing for real money then eventually you'll have to fill them in anyway. Make sure your details are filled in correctly, especially your e-mail address as that is where PokerStars will send you an e-mail verification code for you to validate your e-mail address.

On the next screen PokerStars would like to know if their marketing campaign has worked and so they'll ask you how you've heard of them. You could let them know you came from FirstTimePokerPlayer by entering 'PSP11861' in the marketing code field at the bottom, but for your account that won't make any difference at all.

Once you have filled in all the forms PokerStars will send the e-mail validation code to the e-mail address you've given to them. From the lobby, when you go to 'Account' and then 'Validate e-mail address…' you can enter this code below your user ID and click 'ok'.

That's it, congratulations! You are now ready to play poker for free at PokerStars. You never have to deposit any money if you don't want to. Your free PokerStars account will stay right where it is!

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