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  1. Poker strategy fundamentals
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  5. Beating the micro stakes

How to play poker: the evolution of a First Time Poker Player

A first time poker player might be wondering:

"How To Play Poker?"

Although this question is kind of totally unspecific, I think the poker quick guide at which the above link is pointing will answer it for the most part.

Now, still amazed about how quickly poker can be learned, the next thing a First Time Poker Player will want to know is:

"How To Play Poker Online?"

After going through the hassle of comparing online poker rooms and eventually choosing a first poker room this question will most likely have developed into the more specific question:

"How To Play Online Poker at PokerStars?"

This is an easy question to answer and I'd be more than happy to show how to play poker at the best or at least a great online poker room by means of the step-by-step guide linked to above.

At this point there's no getting around it: the First Time Poker Player isn't a First Time Poker Player anymore. Just playing poker is no longer enough. It is recognized that there's more to poker than just knowing the poker rules and poker hand rankings and the next thing an aspiring poker player naturally starts wondering is:

"How To Play Winning Poker?"

And this is where things get really interesting. This is where the 'hard work' starts as an understanding of the basic poker strategy fundamentals has to be developed and the articles at FirstTimePokerPlayer helping to achieve just that do take some time to read and digest... But it will be worth it!

Somewhere down the road when temporarily things won't work out too well the aspiring poker player might become a struggling one. And filled with doubts this player might be wondering:

"What's The Secret Behind Achieving Complete Poker Mastery?"

Hopefully this player won't mind visiting a site that carries the name of what he or she might even be looking down to at that stage:

First Time Poker Player - A guide to playing poker online!

Welcome to First Time Poker Player!

First Time Poker Player will try to guide you through the world of online poker by providing practical tips, critical poker room reviews and links to other helpful poker sites. All articles and reviews are written based on personal online poker playing experience. Hopefully this information will give you a push in the right direction towards a pleasant and profitable online poker playing experience.

I'm always looking to improve and add new content to it. So, if you've got any tips in return for me to improve First Time Poker Player or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a message. Have fun improving your poker game and good luck at the (virtual) poker tables!

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