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Screenshot ParadisePoker lobby

ParadisePoker lobby
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Screenshot ParadisePoker default table

Default table
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Screenshot ParadisePoker minitable

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Screenshot ParadisePoker: 6 tables on a 30 inch monitor.

30" monitor, 6 tables
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Screenshot ParadisePoker: 9 resized tables on a 30 inch monitor.

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Screenshot ParadisePoker, 20 minitables, 30 inch monitor

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Paradise Poker review

Reviewed August 12th 2009
Last updated: December 16th 2009

Player base

ParadisePoker is a SportingBet brand. This poker room is part of the Boss Media or Internetional Poker Network (IPN). It shares its player base with poker rooms such as Fortune Poker, Poker Heaven and InterPoker. Boss Media/IPN is a medium sized network with around 4000 active players on average. The competition at this network is quite soft.

Games offered

Cash games - ParadisePoker offers games in hold'em, omaha, stud and 5 card draw. Traffic in hold'em games is good and in omaha games medium. Traffic at the stud and 5 card draw games is low. Stakes start at 4 nl, followed by 10 and 25 nl all the way up to the high stakes. Good table selection is possible in full ring hold'em games (10 man) at stakes up to and including 25 nl with over 20 full tables at peak hours (evening in central Europe). At 50 and 100 nl table selection in full ring games is limited to 5 - 10 active tables and at higher stakes there will hardly be any full ring action. Shorthanded games are played at 5-max tables instead of the 6-max tables at most of the other rooms/networks. This means that action will quite a bit faster. Traffic at these shorthanded games becomes low from 600 or 1000 nl upwards and is very good at the lower stakes. Most of the games are played in euros.

Tournaments - At ParadisePoker you can find the normal offering of single table as well as multi-table sit & go's starting at a buy in level of 1+0.20. Multi-table tournaments have fairly fast structure: blind levels last 12 minutes, but there are only 14 levels until the blinds reach 1000/2000 with a 200 ante. At the higher stakes multi-table tournaments, such as the recurring 100.000 guarantee with a buy in of 140+10, the structure is a little less fast as blind levels start out lasting 12 minutes but they will last 30 minutes in the later stages of these tournaments. For players with a small bankroll there are rebuy and add-on tournaments with a buy in of only 0.10+0.02. Field sizes of all tournaments will be generally small to medium.

Tournament structures at ParadisePoker (Boss/IPN).
Tournament type Starting stack Level dur. (min.) Level # 1K/2K blinds Antes
MTT's regular 1500 12 14 y
turbo 1500 5 14 y
deep 5000 12* 14 y
SnG's regular 1500 8 10.5** n
turbo 1500 3 10.5** n

* Level duration increases deeper into the tournament to 15 (level 6), 20 (level 14) and 30 minutes (level 20).
** No 1k/2k blind levels: level 10 blinds are 800/1600; level 11 blinds are 1200/2400.

Freerolls - ParadisePoker offers a 75 and a 100 freeroll in no limit hold'em every day with around 3000 entrants and 130 places paid. Other freerolls require you to have plaid 5 raked hands in the prior 24 hours.

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The Boss media/IPN software that ParadisePoker uses is of considerable less quality than software used by some other poker rooms. I experienced more software freezes than at most other rooms. This can be annoying at times, but these freezes are bearable and do not negatively influence the ability al too much such as with rooms on the Ongame network. Take a look at the screenshots of which a thumbnail is placed in the right column for a better impression of the software. Also added are some multi-tabling screenshots on a 30 inch monitor with normal poker tables and with minitables.

Lobby - The lobby has got decent filtering options to easily find the game you want to play. It has a plain look to it.

Poker tables - There are two table views: normal and miniview. In both views tables are resizable, although this function might not be all that useful as text (player names, betting amounts etc.) becomes unreadable when making the tables smaller and graphics become very jagged when enlarging them. The default resolution of the normal table view is 800 x 600 pixels and that of the miniview 490 x 330 pixels.

Multi-tabling - You can multi-table up to 99 tables at the same time, but as there aren't any options available to facilitate multi-tabling (such as auto-reloading, working AHK-scripts etc.) the serious grinder will have a hard time playing more than, say, 16 full ring games at a time.

Tracking software - You can use PokerTracker 3 to track your results. HoldemManager can't be used without a separate handhistory converter which can be quite a hassle.


First deposit bonus - ParadisePoker currently offers a 100% up to 500 first deposit bonus when using bonus code START500. This bonus is released in 100 increments which are released every time you earn 2000 player points. The bonus is valid for 90 days. Smaller bonuses (of 50, 100 or 200) can be obtained by using a different bonus code. These bonuses release in smaller increments and will expire faster. You will get 1 player point for every 0.25 you generate in rake and therefore this bonus comes down to an extra 20% of your rake paid back and added to your bankroll.

Loyalty bonus - All players at ParadisePoker will benefit from the Paradise Players Club. When you earn more than 999 player points in one calendar month you are eligible to receive a cash bonus and a discount in the point store (where all kinds of items can be bought with player points). These cash bonuses can give you a maximum of 30% cashback on your rake paid if you earn 4000+ player points in a single calendar month.

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You can use several options to deposit, including Neteller, moneybookers, bank transfers and iDeal. A deposit is made in your Sportsbook account and then has to be transferred to your poker account (this transfer has a 1 minimum). Withdrawals using Neteller always were quickly paid (within 1-2 days).


ParadisePoker offers 24/7 online support as well as support by e-mail and telephone.

In summary

The first deposit bonus will be pretty hard to clear at the lower stakes. Lower stakes and/or low volume players also won't benefit that much from the rewards program offered through the Paradise Players Club. Higher volume players on the other hand can get a nice percentage of their rake back. If you value soft competition more than good software, ParadisePoker will certainly be an interesting poker room for you.

If you think that ParadisePoker might be the poker room for you based on this review, then download ParadisePoker, open a free account and start playing there within minutes!

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