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I've already spent quite some time in putting this site together as you see it now, but I'm sure there are many more things that could either be improved or added. And therefore I really would like to receive your feedback. So, if you found anything inaccurate, incomplete, unclear, have a cool idea for another article, have a browser in which my pages don't display correctly, think I should split my articles up in shorter pieces or just want to let me know you liked reading what I wrote then please send me an e-mail at:


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Webmasters can also contact me on the e-mail address provided above. I'm open to any kind of partnership inquiries which are benefitting the quality of First Time Poker Player and ultimately its visitors. In particular regarding link exchange requests there are some things I would like to point out as I feel that doing so could save you (and me) some time. If your request:

  1. is sincere,
  2. shows you know First Time Poker Player,
  3. explains what your site is about and what its purpose is,
  4. explains why your site is interesting for visitors of First Time Poker Player,
  5. mentions where the link to First Time Poker Player can be found
  6. and is written in English or Dutch,
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