Some of the best online poker rooms compared

Below you will find four tables in which several features of the online poker rooms reviewed at First Time Poker Player are compared. To be completely objective when rating the invidual online poker rooms would be impossible. Where facts are mentioned I tried to be as accurate as possible and I hope that together with the more objective ratings this page will be helpful in finding the best online poker room for you.

Online poker rooms compared and rated by general categories.
Room Traffic US Software Mac Softness Bonus* Match Promo's Visit
PokerStars 9.8 y 9.5 y 8 $ 600 100% 7.5 visit
Full Tilt Poker 9 y 9 y 7 $ 600 100% 9 review
BetFred 8 n 7 n 8 $ 600 100% 8 visit
Ladbrokes 6 n 9 n 8.5 $ 1,000 2000% 8 visit
ParadisePoker 7 n 5.5 n 9 500 100% 6 visit
Everest Poker 7.5 7.5 n 8.5 $ 200 - 6.5 visit

* Read the individual online poker room reviews to find bonus codes (for PokerStars, ParadisePoker and Everest Poker) under 'Promotions' > 'First deposit bonus'. For the other poke rooms you don't need a bonus code to receive your first deposit bonus.

Online poker rooms compared by poker game offering

Online poker rooms compared by availability of different poker games. H = hold'em; A = Omaha; O = Omaha H/L; S = seven card stud; E = seven card stud H/L; R = Razz; 5S = 5 card stud; 5d = 5 card draw; 2-7T = 2-7 triple draw; B = badugi; mix = mixed games; FR = full ring.
Room H A O S E R 5S 5d 2-7T B mix non H traffic H FR traffic Visit
PokerStars y y y y y y n y y y y int./high high visit
Full Tilt Poker y y y y y y n n n n y int./high high review
BetFred y y y y n n y n n n n low high visit
Ladbrokes y y y y n y y y n n n low/none low visit
ParadisePoker y y y y n n y y n n n intermediate intermediate visit
Everest Poker y y n n n n n n n n n intermediate int./high visit

Compare online poker rooms by tournament offering

Online poker rooms compared by tournament offering.
Room Overall MTT's* SnG's* Availability Traffic Sync. breaks Freerolls Visit
PokerStars 9 8.5 8 high high y 5.5 visit
Full Tilt Poker 8.8 9 7.5 high high y 6.5 review
Everest Poker 8 9 7.5 high intermediate n 8.5 visit
BetFred 7.5 8.5 7 Intermediate Intermediate n 7.5 visit
Ladbrokes 6.5 8.5 6 low low n 7 visit
ParadisePoker 6 6 5 intermediate intermediate n 6.5 visit

* Comparison of the tournament structure for regular tournaments. Slower structure = higher grade. Check the individual poker room reviews for a more detailed overview of tournament structures at the different online poker rooms.

Online poker room comparison by multi-tabling facilities

Online poker rooms compared by multi-tabling facilities.
Room Overall Software AHK PT3 HEM Table resizing Min. table res. max. # tables Visit
PokerStars 9.9 9.5 y y y y 480 x 350 px 24 visit
Full Tilt Poker 9 9 y y y y 480 x 350 px 16 review
Ladbrokes 8.5 8.5 y y * y y 480 x 360 px 10 visit
BetFred 8 7.5 n ** y y n ** 520 x 350 px 16 visit
Everest Poker 8 7.5 y y y y 640 x 480 px# 12 visit
ParadisePoker 6.5 6 n y n y 490 x 330 px 99 visit

* ring games only
** try minimaximod instead
# see full Everest Poker review for how to resize tables even smaller

Online poker rooms compared by nano and micro stakes offering

Online poker rooms compared by nano/micro stakes games.
Room Levels Lowest buy-in Tournaments $1 R&A's* Rake Promotions Visit
Ladbrokes 2/4/10/20 nl 0.40 7 n below av. 8 visit
BetFred 2/4/10/20 nl $ 1 8 y average 7.5 visit
Full Tilt Poker 2/5/10/25 nl $ 0.40 8.5 y above av. 9 review
PokerStars 2/5/10/25 nl $ 1 9.5 n average 5.5 visit
Everest Poker 2/10/25 nl $ 0.40 8 n average 6.5 visit
ParadisePoker 4/10/25 nl $ 0.04 (!) 6.5 y average 5.5 visit

* Rebuy + add-on tournaments. The $1 R&A's are perfect for a smaller bankroll ($200-$300), while for the more usual $3 ones you need a considerably larger bankroll. Everest Poker offers $2 R&A multi-table tournaments instead. R&A's usually play deeper than normal MTT's and can be very profitable if some of the participants excessively rebuy in the first hour.

Found anything inaccurate or couldn't find what you were looking for on this page or in the online poker room reviews? Please let me know so I can improve First Time Poker Player and/or help you find your online poker room.

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