The biggest poker secret

If you are struggling to become a winning online poker player and are hearing and reading the stories of others who succeed in making 'a little extra's every month' then you might be wondering: how do they do it? How do they consistently win in a game that is built upon suck-outs and coolers? What are their secrets?

Well, this article will open a door for you. A door that leads from disbelieve, total frustration and utter cluelessness to complete poker mastery. This article will unveil to you the biggest poker secret ever!

But before we get to that, let's first take a look at what those poker players who you think are consistently winning money have in common. Is there something that separates them from the struggling players like you? Or are they just lucky to have the cards falling their way, consistently?

Of course they all know the rules of the game they play inside out. They can dream the poker hand rankings but they also know that the strength of their hand is always relative to the range of hands that their opponents might hold. Poker strategy fundamentals are their ABC. Thinking about odds starts to influence their every day decisions. The majority of these consistently winning poker players practice proper bankroll management, because they know that, however skilled they will be, they have to protect their bankroll from the influence of chance on their results. Bad beats and coolers only mildly affect them, because they know they're part of the game. Despite their temporary loss of chips they recognize that they made the correct decision in that particular situation. And they know that that's what poker is all about if they want to be good at it. Just like you do, right?

On top of all this there's another thing they realize: they realize there are no secrets in poker.

They know there isn't a single easy paved path to complete poker mastery. They know it requires a lot of hard work to get there. But you know what? They don't mind. They don't mind reviewing their sessions, ploughing through their hand histories looking for leaks they can plug. They don't mind absorbing as much information about poker as they possibly can. They don't mind having to play thousands of hands to reach their goals, hell, their goals are probably to play that many hands in the first place before having a certain monetary gain. They don't mind, because that's what they love to do. And they know that if they work hard enough, eventually results will come.

Eventually? Yes, eventually. Because everyone playing poker experiences periods where results don't match up to the amount of effort you put into playing well. Successful poker players don't get distracted by that. They don't start looking for poker secrets. Instead, they start wondering if and how they should improve their game. They go back to their poker checklist to make sure they do everything they can to play well; they start working even harder.

Maybe there's a poker secret after all?

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