Trusted poker related websites

There are many poker related websites on the internet which lack useful information and are sometimes even misleading for their visitors. It can therefore be hard to find the sites that rely on providing quality content and can be trusted, especially when you're not yet familiar with the online poker world. This page contains a number of links to other poker related sites which I think stand out in quality and can be trusted. Unlike the helpful links section, this page links to other content that does not necessarily improve your game but might be helpful to you in other ways. You'll find a list of trusted poker room reviews and rakeback and bonus related sites.

Trusted poker room reviews

If the poker room that suits you is not one of the poker rooms reviewed at First Time Poker Player, then you could take a look at the following websites which offer detailed and critical reviews of other poker rooms. I put a lot of time and effort in finding the best reviews for all the poker rooms listed below. Nevertheless, if you honestly think one of these reviews is incomplete or misleading or have suggestions for additional reviews of other rooms then please leave a comment. The following poker room reviews all direct you to another website and are ordered based on decreasing amount of traffic for the poker rooms they discuss.

Trusted rakeback sites

Tetleyboy Affiliates - Want to have a special poker deal at a certain room? Just e-mail Tetleyboy affiliates and I would be amazed if Nik did not at least try very hard for you to arrange it.

RakeTheRake - The biggest rakeback affiliate that I know of. Because they are so big, RakeTheRake can offer a lot extra promotions on top of their rakeback such as rake races and freerolls.

Trusted poker bonus sites

Kickback Bonus - Very handy overview of different kickback bonuses for a lot of poker rooms.

Bonus Whores - Online Poker Bonus Guide - Here you'll find more information about bonuses than you could have ever dreamt of. A very good site to compare bonuses of different poker rooms.

Trusted online casino sites

Okay, maybe not directly all that poker related, but if you ever think about truly gambling with your poker bankroll then you might wan't to visit one of these quality online casino sites first: - The tagline sums it up quite nicely: your #1 slots guide Online!